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Pregnant women can use the perfume you can not use these 5 kinds of cosmetics

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Perfume, is a woman's indispensable capital. In the romance of the French, more useful to the taste of perfume to judge a woman's taste and its identity. A lot of women like to use perfume before pregnancy, then pregnant can continue to use it? Pregnant women can use perfume? With these questions, we come together to explore!

Can pregnant women use perfume

Pregnant women can not use the perfume. This is because the perfume contains chemical substances, long-term use can cause the fetus malformation. A lot of perfumes are also added to the composition of musk, which has been considered to be one of the factors that lead to female abortion. Pregnant women use perfume, it is easy to have the risk of sliding.

Pregnant women during pregnancy use perfume will lead to children suffering from infertility risk, medical experts study found. Chronic exposure of fetus in cosmetic chemicals, will influence after the boy of spermatogenesis, so strongly recommend that pregnant women during pregnancy avoid using all cosmetics, including perfume, nail polish, and so on.

So pregnant women can smell the perfume?

If you cannot use perfume, also try to avoid the smell of perfume, there are strongly stimulate smell the perfume will lead to the emergence of dizziness, tears, throat discomfort in pregnant women, in the long run, the environment that is detrimental to the development of the fetus.

So it is recommended that women do not rub perfume while pregnant, and try to avoid smelling the fragrance!

Harm of perfume to pregnant women

Talking about the harm of perfume for pregnant women, I believe some female friends will feel an alarmist, perfume can adjust the pressure, relax the mood, pregnant period of tension of the female compatriots should be beneficial, and how will harm?? on the contrary, perfume, although soothe the nerves of the role, but for pregnant women or great harm!

1, the use of perfume will induce infant asthma

The data show that the United States will have up to 9 million patients of asthma is induced by the perfume, especially in infants and young children. This perfume may induce infant asthma.

2, the use of perfume will affect the fetus.

In a confined space long-term use unsolicited incense agent, also have an impact on the brain tissue, may cause a decline in memory, so if pregnant women with perfume, may will on fetal memory effect Oh!

3, the use of perfume will lead to abortion

Musk in 4, perfume ingredients, artificial musk have endocrine disrupting and influence the biological hormone normal play role and other side effects, frequent use is likely to have adverse side effects on the fetus, seriously endangering the fetal growth and development.

I believe you have some understanding of the harm of perfume. Although the perfume of incense, but also "toxic", so the pregnancy period of women or to avoid the use of perfume!

How do pregnant women used perfume

Harm of perfume for pregnant women is very large, light will cause respiratory asthma, heavy will cause abortion in pregnant women. If the pregnant woman careful not to use perfume do? Understanding perfume harm pregnant mothers might feel very worried, will do no harm to the baby?

Expectant mothers need not worry too much, if only occasionally use, there is no long-term and extensive use, generally will not affect the baby, the reason that pregnant women not to use perfume. This is because Musk Perfume composition is the cause of the abortion of pregnant women, but it is must be in use for a long time, the accumulation will occur this bad consequences.

If the mother also use perfume during pregnancy, it is necessary to stop using the. Do not because of beauty and for the baby's development impact!

5 kinds of cosmetics must not be used in pregnancy

1, freckle cream

According to the Chinese Consumers Association of Beijing, Shenzhen two city beauty freckle products sampling detection found, in all the samples, mercury content seriously overweight, which has 60% of the mercury content of samples exceed the standard kilograms.

Mercury is a heavy metal harm to human health. These products whitening effects are temporary, a disable the cosmetics, spot will be repeated. And the damage to the skin, and long-term use of cosmetics mercury on human neural, digestive tract, urinary system also has serious harm.

Safe tips:

When a woman is pregnant and due to hormones and endocrine changes, will make the spot on the face of the pigment or long spot. Therefore, it is suggested that Ms. Tu during this period no freckle products as well. Giving birth, hormone secretion is normal it's too late.

And the selection and use of freckle products must see packaging indicate whether the special use cosmetics hygiene approval number, which is the countries in order to protect consumer health and for cosmetics manufacturers take management measures. Who dubbed in the name of goods, the words "freckle", or in the specification that spot removing function, but not mark this symbol, freckle cosmetics, super size that is not qualified products.

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2, perfume

Artificial musk as a substitute for senior musk fragrances in cosmetics and fragrances are widely used, but it has side effects of endocrine disruption, a Japanese research team recently reminded the pregnancy or breast-feeding women to pay attention to artificial musk body residues may cause harm. The research team composed of several Japanese universities researchers announced that for the first time in their breast milk and adipose tissue to detect artificial musk residues. There are artificial musk and endocrine disrupting effects of biological hormones play a role in the normal and other side effects.

Safe tips:

Fetuses and babies affected by chemical substances