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What Chanel perfume smell

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Chanel No. 30 is the first of its five fragrances! Known in the history of the most classic perfume, many Hollywood stars can not do without it, sexy goddess Marilyn Monroe said she sleeps only "wear" Chanel No. 5. Chanel No. 5 reveal a woman of strong feminine, friend of a lot of men like the taste, feel this is a mature woman taste. This perfume is suitable for mature women use!

Pink is the kind of encounter, taste the fragrance of fresh fruit, a very sweet smells good. Like a bottle full of fantastic colors like sweet pink, compared to the previous 3 models add a lot of romantic youth. The taste is sweet and lovely, very lively girl with.

Encounter, just spray when feeling a little strong, after a few minutes like flower bud to bloom, fresh air blow on the face and, after taste is very mild and mellow, showing the taste of sweet home classic. Although the EDT, but the durability is good, spray can, personal taste that is three in the best smell, fresh and elegant, not suitable for publicity more than 20 year old girl, spray in the summer it's very comfortable in short is pink sweet, green intellectual.