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Chanel Miss series

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Pleasant fragrance......

Citrus burst fresh vitality, wake up the senses. Jasmine and rose scent from core texture clear transparent, more feminine. Patchouli and vetiver rustic atmosphere, and add a touch with playful sensibility. Chanel cocoa Miss fragrance, a distinctive personality, bright and fresh perfume works.

2016 brand new limited "Miss cocoa handbag"

More sensitive. Add more charming. More elegant. Chanel coco Mademoiselle series launched a new limited edition "coco Mademoiselle handbag fragrant honey", for women to anytime, anywhere, with the beauty of the company. New type bag loaded from Chanel Rouge Allure draw inspiration, skillfully incorporated in the exquisite pearl Beige suede jacket, highlighting smart charm. Use the smudge stick gently picks up fragrance, let cool Feng Yu aromatic texture like tender sense of touch, retained on the wrist, neck and collarbone place, showing unprecedented delicate charm.