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Men's perfume lady can use it

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Perfume for men and women is not what are essentially different, so the main difference for Eau De Toilette usually tastes sweet and fragrance for men usually have relatively heavy smell of musk, feeling is more stable, there is Eau De Toilette relative to men's fragrance will concentrated a lot, logically speaking men and women are can be used. Which is the brand on behalf of Ms. Chanel EDT on behalf of the brand is Yi Chu Fang, today Xiaobian mainly to introduce the brand of perfume men, Yi at the beginning of the aromatic is synonymous with fashion, classic, atmospheric, it is dedicated to create a strong feelings of the successful men, makes people full of confidence, elegant and very sensual, exhibit a strongly, uninhibited ethereal atmosphere, highlighting man deep inside the most primitive, the real charm.

In materials, the materials selected, carefully cultivated all memory at the beginning of aromatic fragrance. After carefully nurtured and sustainable growth process, creating its unique quality, but also to ensure that the value of the rare resources, after distillation and special treatment was extracted high purity fragrance oils, reached 100% pure natural standard. In addition, the fragrance also joined the noble, but also feel the smell of deja vu.

Therefore, when you spray on memory at the beginning of aryl - Cologne, the nostrils is the freshness of the oranges and grapefruit and sour and mint powerful, and cedar and Labdanum fusion and dry pure, sultry dragon birth incense, sandalwood and vetiver more in tone strengthens the Qin heart landmark seductive atmosphere, warm, delicate and unique fragrance Huo Tuotuo to showed inside the man to the original confidence, fashion and sentimental nostalgia personality, highlight inside the man the most original, the real charm.