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You need a perfume that will blow up

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Muscle is a man's best clothes, if you can give this dress with a good men's perfume, its charm will be more prominent. Today we want to give you a Amway is both the value and connotation of the men's perfume - Viggo (Viktor & Rolf) spice perfume.

You need a burst of perfume to highlight the charm of a man

Viggo rove in the creation of Flowerbomb Ms. fragrance, is in thinking: would happen if the boys can have for their custom, like Flowerbomb like give amazing fragrance? So, after careful modulation, Viggo Luo Fu in 2012 launched a new fragrance of this passion, "Spicebomb" (spice bomb perfume).

Small make up for the first time to see its unique appearance when it was brought back a strong desire. The perfume bottle is to grenade shape glass engraved, carved into a muddy hero and uniform section, adding to the vigorous black and silver, the interpretation of this perfume is sexy and mysterious.

You need a burst of perfume to highlight the charm of a man

But as a perfume, only the value of the color in place how can do it, come together again, "look at" the flavor of this perfume bar.

This Spicebomb perfume with bergamot, pink pepper, cinnamon, vetiver, red pepper and tobacco incense tune with.

Top notes of bergamot, lemon and pink pepper, as men's fragrance, the breath may seem sweet. But before the transfer quickly after the adjustment, with cinnamon, vetiver, collocation red pepper flavor, smell the wind began to change. Lasting tailwater is Vetiveria zizanioides paired with notes of tobacco, unique to the men's sexy and masculine breath, after the explosion of a layer of a layer of emerged.

You need a burst of perfume to highlight the charm of a man

Exhaled breath of the first breath has been a surprise, second people are fascinated by. Even as a small series of perfume is not usually used, but also by the unique taste of touch, and even a kind of want to turn it into the impulse (shy ing...) (impulse is the devil...).

So, from the appearance to the fragrance, which is a combination of color value and connotation of perfume. If you want to release your male charm, it's necessary to experience it yourself.