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Perfume is not suitable for all people

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Many people like perfume, perfume can enhance women's femininity and therefore subject to the majority of women's favorite. When your side after a female is not feel relaxed and happy, but you know, not all people are suitable for the perfume Oh, and you know what perfume correct usage??

Perfume is a mixture of spices, a fixed agent, alcohol and ethyl acetate liquid, the purpose is to have lasting and pleasant smell after the use of the human body. More female friends to the perfume as a symbol of status, the major brands are also scrambling to push out the new brand new, to the perfume control has brought one after another surprise.


Perfume is good, but it is not suitable for all people.

pregnant woman

Perfume contains alcohol content, will make you pregnant women physical allergies. And the use of perfume, perfume will be transmitted to the fetus through the umbilical cord, resulting in fetal adverse.

Pollen allergy

This kind of crowd of pollen allergy, still can not determine the cause of this kind of crowd, but this kind of crowd, as long as the material on the pollen will have no reason to allergies.

77 Xiaobian once knew a lot of pollen allergy, as long as it is to smell the flowers, will be top heavy, serious even can't breathe feel suffocated.

Perfume is also the same reason, it contains spices in the material, so the pollen allergy or less used as a good.

Severe rhinitis patients

Patients with allergic rhinitis is best not to use perfume, because the perfume will stimulate the nasal mucosa and cause sinusitis.

Skin inflammation, ulceration or allergy