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About Us

Shanghai Zhongye Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co., Ltd., is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Aroma chemicals and Flavour ingredients in China.

The prime focus and commitment of Shanghai Zhongye Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co., Ltd is to serve the Flavours and Fragrance industry worldwide.

Great emphasis is placed on "R & D" and constant up-gradation at all manufacturing sites.

The R & D Division is further responsible for "Quality Control and Quality assurance". Uttermost importance is given by the group to delivering high standards and good quality of aroma chemicals at all times.

Shanghai Zhongye Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co., Ltd strives to maintain a standard quality of our products at all times, so as to minimize and eliminate variances in odour profiles.

Protection of the environment is of importance to us, and due attention and high priority is given to ensure environmental protection.

Provide high quality products and service to the customer's satisfaction consistent with international standards.

Founded in 2001, Shanghai Zhongye Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co., Ltd operates 3 manufacturing facilities located near Shanghai, China, producing a range of pharmaceutical intermediates, fragrance chemicals, and essential oils. Shanghai Zhong ye has a strong presence in the global market, with exports to North and South America, Europe and Asia accounting for a significant proportion of sales turnover. We will do our best to meet the expectations and requirements of the clients.dients